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Spencer Bei

Vice President 

Serving Since January 2017

Committees & Appointments

​Personnel, Ditch Maintenance, Water Quality  Coalition, Dixon Regional Watershed JPA, Groundwater Sustainability Agency

Spencer believes the most important role of the District is to provide drainage service to the area.  His favorite part of serving is the opportunity to share insight and knowledge to the benefit of the District.  Spencer's local insight, knowledge and experience  benefit the District in all of it's programs.  Spencer serves on several District Committees and represents the District on two outside agencies. 


Eric Schene


Serving Since January 2019

Committees & Appointments

Dixon Regional Watershed JPA, Groundwater Sustainability Agency​

Eric believes that the most important role of the District is to improve and maintain the drainage system in our county, which has an effect on our overall water quality resources.  Additionally he believes the District's community outreach programs fulfill an important role in service to our community members.  His favorite part of serving is the opportunity to network with like minded people that have the similar goals and interests.  As a cattle rancher, Eric brings a value added perspective to the Board and a different view and input focusing on improvements from the bottom of the system up.  Eric also serves as an alternate District representative to outside agencies.


David Viguie


Serving Since January 1988 

Committees & Appointments

Financial, Personnel, Policy, Insurance & Safety, Water Quality Coalition

David believes that the District represents its landowners in three primary areas; 1) The Drain System, a cornerstone to why Dixon RCD was formed; 2) Water Quality; 3) Groundwater Sustainability. He is happy with how the District keeps its focus on these. David has farmed within the District for 40 years and shares his significant understanding of areas, especially the drain system, to the benefit of the District.


Daniel Jones


Serving Since January 2021

Committees & Appointments


Daniel believes the most important role of the District is to help with conserving & utilizing water in the most efficient, useful way that allows all end users to achieve maximum productivity as well as providing drainage services in the storm & irrigation seasons.  His favorite part of serving thus far has been learning about the system as well as interacting with local community members, including other board members, to move the District forward in the best capacity to serve all members.  Daniel's experience as a former banker, his understanding of fiduciary responsibilities and willingness to serve on the Financial Committee is an asset to the District.  

Alexis for website_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Alexis Harvey


Serving Since 2024 

Committees & Appointments


Alexis beleives that in the agricultural industry, one of the most important resources is water. Which is why water quality and sustainability is of the upmost importance of this global industry. She is honored to serve on the DRCD board that works diligently to maintain this valuable resource for the district. Alexis looks forward to continuing to learn about our district's current drainage systems, as well as learning from individuals who have many years of experience in the water industry. As a Certified Crop Advisor and Pest Control Advisor, she hopes to bring new insight and a new perspective to the Dixon Resource Conservation District.  

Associate Directors

Jim Campbell

Serving Since 2012

Leo Soukeris

Serving Since 2015

DRCD Board of Directors

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