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According to CA Proposition 218, the Ditch Maintenance Fee is considered a "property-related fee."  As such, Dixon RCD has prepared a rate study and conducted a public hearing, protest period, and election using the CA Proposition 218 XIII D, Section 6 process.  You may find the materials related to this process below.


                            Ditch Maintenance Fee Vote Passes

The Board of Directors and staff of the Dixon Resource Conservation District are glad to announce that the ditch maintenance fee ballots sent to District property owners in June 2016, have been tabulated and the certified results are:

                                                            50.08% Votes in favor

                                                            49.92% Votes in opposition

The Board chose to conduct the election using a weighted ballot, based on each landowner's financial obligation. There were $22,354.26 votes in favor of the new ditch maintenance fee rate structure, while $22,275.24 were against. In order to pass, the vote had to be 50% plus one in favor; weighted ballots showed slightly higher than 50% in favor.

The ditch maintenance fee increase will begin on December 1, 2016 and increase on December 1, for each of the following fiscal years:

  • 2016/17: $3.00/ac

  • 2017/18: $3.25/ac

  • 2018/19: $3.50/ac

  • 2019/20: $3.75/ac

  • 2020/21: $4.00/ac

The average fee over the 5 year period is $3.50/ac.


Attached items below:

  • Final Rate Study

  • March 28 Landowner Informational Meeting

    • Landowner Handout

    • Rate Increase Presentation

  • Public Hearing Notice with attachments, as adopted by the Board on April 13, 2016

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • June 8 Board Meeting and Public Hearing

    • Materials to come

  • Election Results


If you have any questions, please contact Kelly Huff, District Manager

at (707) 678-1655 x102.

Ditch Maintenance Fee Increase

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