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Irrigation Nitrogen Management Plan (INMP) Worksheets


The INMP worksheet is required to be completed for each enrolled parcel annually by March 1st. The worksheets are kept onsite and do not get turned in to the Coalition. The INMP worksheet is a pre-planning tool in which some of the information from the worksheet will be transferred into the DMT for the INMP SR. 


For a copy of the worksheet and helpful resources, click here.


Notice: In 2023, HVA-high vulnerability areas for nitrogen were updated. Some parcel designations for high or low vulnerability have changed.  Be sure to check the status of your parcel in the DMT-data management tool on the PARCELS page. For parcels in HVA- high vulnerability areas for nitrogen, INMP Worksheets must be certified either by a qualified CCA (For a list of CCAs to certify your nitrogen plan, click here) or by a member/grower who has successfully completed the self-certification training. 


INMP SELF-Certification Training 

INMP self-certification training for growers is now online! If you or someone from your operation needs to complete the training, visit the CDFA INMP training webpage, click here to review the details. 


Irrigation Nitrogen Management Plan Summary Reports (INMPSR)


All parcels enrolled in the Coalition are required to complete INMPSRs. (Exception-Pasture-no nitrogen applied)

The report is submitted online to Dixon/Solano RCD Water Quality Coalition by February 15th for the prior crop year.  Login to the DMT to complete your INMPSR before the deadline to avoid late fees.


Click here to go to the the Irrigated Lands Home page to log in to the DMT.


NOTE:  Parcels groundwater vulnerability designations were updated in 2017 and 2023


Dixon RCD, Solano RCD and USDA NRCS partnered together to bring you a video presentation to help guide you through the process. Click the play button to learn more about Nitrogen and Irrigation Management and how to complete the INMP worksheets.




A big THANK YOU to Wendy Rash (NRCS) and Amy King (SRCD) for their efforts in helping to create this invaluable tool for our growers!

Quiz for Continuing Education Units

After watching the video, to take the quiz for the CDFA approved 1.0 CEUs for INMP self-certification training, click here. 







Nitrogen and Irrigation Management 102220

Nitrogen and Irrigation Management 102220

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