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Drainage Services

These facilities were constructed beginning in 1952 through the mid-1960’s with the goal to provide winter drainage in moderate storms equivalent to a 5 year 24 hour storm event.  In order to operate this system, the District entered into 3 different agreements with Reclamation District 2068, Maine Prairie Water District and the City of Dixon.  These agreements were intended to govern the operation and maintenance of the existing facilities.  However, the changing land use caused increased demands on these drainage facilities and this increase in drainage needs became apparent through the mid 1980’s.

As a result of the flooding in 1996 – 1997, the Dixon RCD, RD 2068, MPWD and the City of Dixon in cooperation with the Solano County Water Agency began a significant study of the regional drainage needs. The goal is to reduce flooding by regaining the level of service originally constructed in the regional drainage facilities and increasing capacities where economically feasible and mutuality beneficial to the parties.  The result of this cooperation was the Dixon Region Watershed Management Plan and a MOU between the Dixon RCD, RD 2068, MPWD, and City of Dixon. 

The Dixon RCD, the City of Dixon and the Dixon Unified School District cooperated to accommodate the new high school while solving some regional drainage issues in the Pedrick and Robben Road areas.  The improvements included replacing a portion of an existing DRCD ditch with a ¾ mile pipeline and constructing Pond C to regulate storm flows from the City of Dixon. These new facilities were completed in fall 2006.

For more information on the Ditch Maintenance Fee increase, please click here.

For maps of the Ditch System and Ditch fee area, please click here

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