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About Dixon RCD

The Dixon RCD was originally formed to construct, operate, and maintain the Dixon Drain. The Drain is a 70-mile long system of ditches designed to prevent or alleviate the flooding of agricultural lands.

The Dixon RCD acted as the sponsor and lead agency of the Drain, and the Natural Resource Conservation Service provided cost-sharing funds to farmers for the construction of the Drain.

The Dixon RCD oversees the operation and maintenance of the Dixon Drain, financed by a tax levied on all landowners within the District. The Drain, originally designed to remove only winter water, also collects irrigation tailwater in the spring and summer.

Resource Conservation Districts are “special districts” of the state of California, set up under Division 9 of the California Public Resources Code. RCDs promote local conservation goals, often across multiple city and county jurisdictions. Most RCDs are funded primarily through grants and private donations for conservation projects.  Dixon RCD is unique where we are primarily funded by fees collected from landowner’s for the use and maintenance of the Dixon drainage system.

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Dixon RCD Map

Image is a map of Dixon Resource Conservation District, Solano and Yolo Countires, California - January 1993

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