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Dixon/Solano RCD Water Quality Coalition 

Water Quality Monitoring

Dixon/Solano RCD Water Quality Coalition conducts representative water quality monitoring on behalf of water quality coalition members that includes regular sampling at three surface water monitoring sites and two groundwater sites (see map of monitoring sites below). Where water quality standards are exceeded, Management Plans are triggered.


Approved annual monitoring plans and water quality summaries can be accessed at:


You will be asked to submit a request for the document.


Water Quality Monitoring Sites for Dixon-Solano Subwatershed

Water quality monitoring for the Sediment Toxicity Management Plan at Ulatis Creek/Brown Road is preformed in April and August each year.  

For questions about water quality monitoring in the DS subwatershed, contact Martha McKeen at 707.678.1655 ext.103.

Test Well 1 and 2

Groundwater Monitoring Site

Ulatis Creek at

Brown Road


Monitoring Site

(Management Plan for sediment toxicity)

Shag Slough


Monitoring Site


Special Project

Monitoring Site

Not in use a this time

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