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Dixon/Solano RCD

Water Quality Coalition

Sediment/Erosion Control Plan (SECP)

Some parcels in the Coalition require a certified sediment and erosion control plan.

There are two options for certifiying the plan.

1.  Hire a professional to complete the plan (A list of qualified professionals can be found below.) 

2.  Become self-certified by completing a 4-hour online course so that you can complete the plan yourself. 


Click here to sign up for the free course. The forms required for a SECP are below.  




Turbidity is the measure of relative clarity in a liquid. 

The water collected in a bottle will be used to find the turbidity by shining light through the bottle to find the nephelometric turbidity units. (NTU) Turbidity means sediment in the water thus possible erosion to the surrounding area. 

Sediment & Erosion: The picture on this page shows high turbidity in the discharge water under normal farming activity. 

Image of Turbidity (NTU) water samples from 10-250 NTU's. Whereas 10 is nearly clear and 250 is brown. 

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