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Dixon Regional Watershed Joint Powers Authority (JPA)

The JPA is comprised of Dixon Resource Conservation District, Reclamation District 2068, Maine Prairie Water District and the City of Dixon.  After the 1997 flood events, the parties entered into a Letter of Intent to work together in July 2000.  The Dixon Watershed Management Plan was completed 2001, which outlined three major regional improvements.  In September 2004, the parties entered into a Joint Power Agreement and started to work together to construct the three major projects.  Pond A/Lateral 1 improvements were completed in 2004 and Pond C was completed in 2007.

Currently the JPA Board meets on an as needed basis including two scheduled meetings each year in January and June on the 4th Wednesday of the month at 6:00 pm to further implement the projects contemplated in the Dixon Regional Watershed Management Plan. Dixon RCD is currently providing administrative and secretarial services to the JPA.  The District is reimbursed for the cost of providing this service.

Overall, this cooperation between the four agencies has and will continue to accomplished significant drainage improvements in the decades following the 1997 storms, with plans to make additional improvements in the coming 5 to 10 years.

For the most current and past years meeting agendas, click on the button for the year below.

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