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Solano Groundwater Monitoring Wells Web Map 

The Solano Groundwater Monitoring Web Map is now live! This interactive web map application presents information related to the Solano Subbasin Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) monitoring program and current groundwater conditions in the Subbasin. Currently, the map presents available groundwater level and groundwater quality data for sites included in the GSP monitoring program. Representative Monitoring Sites (RMS) are sites for which Sustainable Management Criteria are assigned, serving as the basis for how groundwater sustainability in the Subbasin is defined. Supplemental monitoring sites are additional sites used for tracking of conditions in the Subbasin, although these sites do not have assigned Sustainable Management Criteria. 

The Solano Collaborative launched the web map on February 24, 2024. The web map includes well type, depth, approximate location, and observed water levels or water quality. The web map will not include the precise locations of wells or well ownership details. It provides community members with easily accessible, user-friendly information on groundwater conditions in the subbasin. 

To view the web map, click here 

For more information contact,
Martha McKeen at or (707) 678-1655 ext. 103.

Web Map Highlights 

Groundwater Monitoring Wells in Solano County


Monitoring site details and time-series data - Water Levels


Monitoring site details and time-series data - Water Quality


Filter by monitoring entity & sustainability indicator


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