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Dixon/Solano RCD

Water Quality Coalition

Drinking  Water Well Sampling Guidelines:

          After three years of consecutive samples...

  • If all results are less than 8mg/L, sampling is reduced to every five years;  

  • If sample results are between 8mg/L - 10mg/L, continue to sample annually;

  • If the sample exceeds 10mg/L, notification is required to the user and Regional Board, then no further sampling is required.

(Safe drinking levels are 10mg/L or less, nitrate + nitrite as nitrogen.)

Pick up water sample bottle at the following locations:

Dixon/Solano RCD Water Quality Coalition

1170 N. Lincoln Street, Suite 110

Dixon, CA 95620

(707) 678-1655 x103

Call before stopping by the office. 


Grow West Dixon

8751 Pedrick Road

Dixon, CA 95620

(707) 678-5564

M-F 7am-4pm


Dellavalle Labs

502 Mace Blvd, Suite 2B

Davis, CA 95618

Contact Name: Octavio Zarate Rocha (559) 301-1129

M-W 8am-3pm 

ILRP-Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program

Drinking Water Well Monitoring Program

The Drinking Water Well Monitoring Program started in January 2022 in the Sac-Valley making the first drinking water well samples due by December 31, 2022. This program is administered by the Regional Water Quality Control Board. Landowners with parcels enrolled in the ILRP that have drinking water wells actively used for drinking and cooking have this requirement. The Regional Board sent postcards in August of 2023 to remind landowners to complete their well water sampling. The second sample is due by December 31, 2023. If you did not test the first go around, please do it now. 

If you have any questions about this program, please contact the Regional Board at (916) 464-4611 or








Links to resources: 

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List of Certified Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ELAP) Labs 

ILRP-Drinking Water Well Member Information Form-revised, Coalition Member ID is no longer required on form

Drinking Water Well Notification Template

DWW Quick Guide

Dellavalle Laboratory Website

Dellavalle Laboratory Cost List

Dellavalle Lab Fillable Water Work Request Form 

Residential Water Treatment Systems State Water Board's Approved List




The information about providers and services contained on this website does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by Dixon RCD and/or D/S RCD Water Quality Coalition and is presented only as a courtesy to our Coalition Members.

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