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Dixon/Solano RCD

Water Quality Coalition

If you have received a letter from the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board, they have verified by aerial view that your property is irrigated. If it is not irrigated, DO NOT IGNORE THE LETTER. First, be sure to read the letter carefully and respond by the date on the letter. If you are not irrigating, you must let them know that you are not commercial or maybe you are exempt from the ILRP because you are part of another organization such as the Dairy Program. If you are irrigating your property and it is NOT a commercial operation, you can let the RB know that, as well.  If you are irrigating your property for commercial purposes, you are considered a water discharger to the State of CA and you have two choices:

1.  Work directly with the RB and get a individual permit.  The cost of the permit, water quality monitoring and all farm reporting paperwork required is the responsibility of the landowner to send to the RB.  For details go to:

2.  Join a Coalition. When you join the Dixon/Solano RCD Water Quality Coalition it works like a group permit.  The current annual membership fees are $3.75 per irrigated/acre. (The cost starts from the date of land purchase or the beginning of irrigation so the per acre fee may be different for the initial enrollment.)

These funds are used for the administration of the program, water quality monitoring and training & workshops. Overall, the Coalition has proved to be much more cost effective for the landowners than an individual permit.  Fees for memberships are collected on a as-needed basis for the Coalition's operational costs.  For more details see the IRRGATED LANDS page of this website or contact Martha McKeen at (707) 678-1655 x103.


Thank you. 

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