Dixon/Solano RCD

Water Quality Coalition

All MEMBERS must complete

 FARM REPORTING for crop year 2020.

Note: Parcels that are fallow, crops with no yield or that are non-bearing must also complete the farm reporting.  



  1. Verify My INFO – Contact information 

  2. Verify ACCOUNT – Reporter name, account completion & account balance

  3. Verify ACCOUNT CONTACT – Billing contact

  4. Verify PARCELS – Is the parcel active or not?  If not, deactivate it. (For example: Non-irrigated parcels.  Also, add a new parcel here.)

  5. Verify CROPPING, irrigated acres & planting year for permanent crops. 

  6. Complete INMP SR – Irrigation and Nitrogen Management Plan Summary Report, management units, reporting & certification [Need pounds of nitrogen applied per/acre including your credits (from soil and water) and yield per/acre]

  7. OUTREACH/TRAINING – Enter the education event “attended”

  8. Verify SECP – Verify the need for a plan or whether it is required for the parcel.  Most plans were completed in 2017.

  9. Complete FARM EVALUATION, irrigation wells, sediment/erosion practices & whole farm.

  10. MAPS AND REPORTS – This section allows you to print farm maps and review your grower feedback reports.  The grower feedback reports for 2019 will be available in early December.  You must acknowledge receipt on the INMP certification page.

  11. Complete INMP WORKSHEET – Pre-planning for 2021 crop year – Download or print a copy to complete and keep on-farm. Please do not send this form to us. Parcels that are high GWV must have the INMP Worksheet certified in the spring for the upcoming crop season.

If you have not yet submitted your 2020 crop year farm reporting, it is overdue and late fees apply. Contact Martha McKeen (707) 678-1655 x103 for your username/password, assistance completing your reporting or any other questions.

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